Getting Rid of Foot Odor
By Dr. Keith Rosenthal
January 24, 2018
Category: Foot Care
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What your podiatrist in Brick and Jackson wants you to knowfoot odor

Foot odor can be embarrassing. Smelly feet can make you want to leave your shoes on, and never take them off. The good news is there are treatments to get rid of smelly feet. Dr. Keith Rosenthal at Foot And Ankle Center wants to share the facts about what causes foot odor and what you can do about it. He has two convenient office locations in Brick and Jackson, NJ to help your feet.

So, what causes foot odor? Normal perspiration can interact with the bacteria in your socks and shoes, producing smelly feet. You have more sweat glands in your hands and feet than anywhere else on your body, leading to profuse perspiration. The high amounts of perspiration combined with bacteria in your footwear produce foot odor.

The good news is there is a lot you can do to prevent foot odor. Remember to:

  • Wash your feet every day in warm water and mild soap
  • Keep your feet dry and apply foot powder daily
  • Try over-the-counter anti-bacterial products for your feet
  • Wear socks when you wear closed shoes
  • Wear thick socks of natural materials like cotton
  • Change your socks and shoes daily
  • Check your feet and toes for fungal infections every day

You should also never wear nylon socks or stockings, and plastic shoes. Wear footwear made of breathable materials to allow air to circulate around your feet and toes. Alternate footwear daily so that your footwear has time to air out and dry naturally.

For severe foot odor that doesn’t respond to conservative treatment, it’s best to visit an expert like Dr. Rosenthal. He can help you get rid of foot odor for good by recommending:

  • Prescription anti-bacterial or fungal topical medications
  • Soaking your feet in a black tea or vinegar solution daily
  • Electrolysis to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  • Surgical treatment for severe cases of hyperhidrosis

Don’t be embarrassed by smelly feet. Instead, take control over foot odor by calling Dr. Rosenthal at Foot And Ankle Center with offices in Brick and Jackson, NJ. To make an appointment call our office today. For the Jackson office, 732 833 2800. For the Brick office, 732 477 0441. Call today!