How to Take Better Care of Your Feet
By Dr. Keith Rosenthal
May 09, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: diabetic foot care  

Diabetic foot care is an often-overlooked yet crucially important part of overall diabetic health. Due to the location of the feet and the diabetic foot careeffects of diabetes, a small issue related to the foot can quickly turn into a serious problem. Luckily, your podiatrist can help you learn the best way to care for your feet. Find out more about diabetic foot care with Dr. Keith Rosenthal and Dr. Sina Safar at Foot and Ankle Center with locations in Jackson, NJ and Brick, NJ.

Why is diabetic foot care important? 
Diabetes causes decreased blood flow, especially in places like the hands and feet. With decreased blood flow comes decreased feeling in the area. Due to the feet’s out-of-the-way location, this decreased feeling could mean the difference between a simple cut on the foot which heals in a few days and allowing that cut to go untreated, causing an infection that could require surgery. While diabetic foot care is crucial in finding and treating existing issues with the feet and toes, it also prevents these issues from occurring in the first place.

How can I properly care for my feet? 
Diabetic patients should examine their feet at least once a day. Keep an eye out for any cuts, scrapes, nicks, bruising, or irritation. Be sure to clean your feet thoroughly every day and always wear clean, dry socks. If your socks become damp due to perspiration or weather, change them as soon as possible. Use talcum powder to keep the feet dry throughout the day. Always shake out your shoes before wearing them and never go barefoot. If you have any concerns about the state of your feet, alert your podiatrist immediately.

In addition to daily foot checks, patients with diabetes should see their podiatrist regularly for routine foot examinations. These visits allow your doctor to catch and treat potential issues early and monitor the health of your feet. If you would like more information on diabetic foot care, please call Dr. Keith Rosenthal or Dr. Sina Safar at the Foot and Ankle Center with locations in Jackson and Brick, New Jersey. To make an appointment call our office today. For the Jackson office, 732 833 2800. For the Brick office, 732 477 0441.