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By Dr. Keith Rosenthal
March 06, 2019
Category: Foot Condition
Is heel pain keeping you down? Pain that occurs following an injury or early in an illness may play a protective role, warning us about the damage we have suffered. SoYour Heel Pain Could Be Plantar Fasciitis what causes heel pain?
Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition in which a band of tissue in the sole of the foot becomes inflamed, leading to severe heel pain. The pain can be so bad that it hurts to walk, much less exercise or perform daily activities. If one step causes shooting pain in your heel—especially when you first get out of bed in the morning or stand up after sitting for a long period of time—plantar fasciitis may be to blame. Contact your podiatrist immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment of your pain. 

Understanding Heel Pain with Help from Your Podiatrist

Plantar fasciitis, or heel pain, occurs when the plantar fascia is strained over time beyond its normal extension. This causes the soft tissue fibers of the fascia to tear or stretch at points along its length, leading to inflammation, pain and possibly the growth of a bone spur where it attaches to the heel bone.
Inflammation may become irritated by shoes that lack appropriate support, mainly in the arch area and by the constant irritation associated with an athletic lifestyle. Resting may provide temporary relief, but when you resume walking you may experience a sudden elongation of the fascia band, which stretches and pulls on the heel. As you walk the pain may lessen or even disappear, but that may just be a false sense of relief, as the pain will often return after prolonged rest or extensive walking.  
You can take steps now to avoid heel pain, including:
  • Wear shoes that fit well
  • Wear proper shoes for each activity
  • Do not wear shoes with excessive wear on heels or soles
  • Prepare properly before exercising by stretching and warming up
  • Pace yourself when you participate in athletic activities
  • Don’t underestimate your body’s need for rest and good nutrition
  • Lose excess weight
If pain and other symptoms of inflammation persist, you should limit your normal daily activities and contact your podiatrist immediately.  
By Dr. Keith Rosenthal
March 16, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Heel Pain  

What your podiatrists in Brick and Jackson want you to knowheel pain

If you’ve ever suffered from heel pain, you already know the stabbing, unrelenting pain can keep you from moving around. Every step hurts and you wonder if it will ever go away. The truth is there are many effective remedies to treat heel pain. Your podiatrists at Foot and Ankle Center Dr. Keith Rosenthal and Dr. Sina Safar can help. They have two convenient office locations in Brick and Jackson, NJ, to serve you.

The most common issue causing heel pain is plantar fasciitis, or inflammation of the plantar fascia, the thick band of tissue which runs across your heel. It is a common condition in runners, and also in people who stand or walk on hard surfaces for a prolonged period of time.

You can try some simple tips and tricks at home to stop heel pain. You should:

  • Stretch your arches and Achilles tendons several times each day for several minutes.
  • Wear heel inserts or wedges and supportive shoes.

If you can’t get relief from home remedies, it’s time to seek out the help of your podiatrists at the Foot and Ankle Center. They offer several effective treatments to get rid of your heel pain for good. Consider:

  • Physical therapy and stretching exercises to increase mobility and decrease pain
  • Custom-made orthotics and footwear to provide support
  • Prescription strength pain relieving and anti-inflammatory medications
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment

In rare cases, for ongoing heel pain that doesn’t respond to treatment, surgery might be recommended. Surgical treatments are often done endoscopically and involve cutting and releasing part of your plantar fascia tissue.

You don’t have to let heel pain take over your life. You can get relief from heel pain by talking with the experts, your podiatrists at Foot and Ankle Center. They have two convenient office locations in Brick and Jackson, NJ, to help with your foot and ankle problems. Feel better by calling today!